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                  Face Mask with Ultrasonic Round Elastic

                  Products > Masks > Face Mask with Ultrasonic Round Elastic

                  Face Mask with Ultrasonic Round Elastic

                  *Soft non woven fabrics, breathable and comfortable

                  *Filter Rate: ≥95% or ≥98%

                  *High filtration capacity

                  *Nose bar adaptable

                  *Latex and fiberglass free

                  *2, 3 ply available

                  Applications: widely used in hospitals, electronic hospital, manufacturing industry, clean room, catering services, food processing, school, chemical, iron and steel, welding, hand processing, beauty industry, pharmaceutical, plant, clean environment and other public occasions

                  Material: PP 20+20g, 25+25+25g, 30+25+25g

                  Color: white, blue, green etc

                  Size: 17.5 x 9.5cm

                  Package: 50pcs/box, 2000pcs/ctn