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                  Investigation of China Industrial Textile Industry Association in Xiantao

                  Column:Industry News Time:2021-03-29 Source: 中國產業用紡織品行業協會 Browsing volume: 1134

                  On the morning of March 25, Li Lingshen, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, Li Lingshen, President of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, zhuxiusen, Secretary General of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Liuhui, deputy director of social responsibility research and consulting department of China Textile Industry Federation, went deep into "China Nonwoven Industry City" in Xiantao City, Hubei Province, and investigated the non-woven industry city of Xiantao City in the post epidemic era To guide the high-quality development of the industry. We visited and learned about the protective clothing fabric, protective clothing film, protective clothing products, Hengtian Jiahua Raffin two component production line and phase II project in Hubei Zhilin medical materials Co., Ltd., Hubei Xinxin nonwoven Co., Ltd., Hengtian Jiahua nonwovens Co., Ltd., Xiantao Yucheng nonwoven products Co., Ltd. To the construction site of "four bases and two centers", investigate the construction of the project (national protection emergency material reserve base, national nonwovens foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, China Nonwovens material supply base, China nonwovens products production base, national nonwovens product quality supervision and inspection center, and national Nonwovens Technology Innovation Center).

                  On the afternoon of March 25, luolianfeng, Secretary of Xiantao Municipal Committee of Hubei Province, presided over the Forum on the development of nonwoven industry. Li Lingshen, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, President of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, and Huang Yun equality expert team, vice president of Wuhan Textile University, made suggestions for the development of Xiantao nonwoven industry cluster. Li dewu, secretary and director of Party group of the Municipal Bureau of economic and information technology, reported on the development of Xiantao nonwoven industry; Ji Jianbing, Deputy Secretary General of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, introduced the preparation of the development plan of "14.5" of Xiantao nonwoven industry; the representatives of relevant enterprises, the head of relevant departments of Xiantao City, the expert team of Wuhan Textile University and relevant leaders of Xiantao City The development status, existing problems and development needs of nonwovens industry in Xiantao City were discussed respectively, and specific opinions and suggestions were put forward around the "fourteenth five year" development plan of nonwovens industry in Xiantao City.

                  At the meeting, Secretary Luo Lianfeng proposed: strengthen the drive of scientific and technological innovation, deepen the cooperation between industry, University and research, promote the upgrading of production capacity, structure and brand of nonwovens industry, and strive to build a leading world-class nonwovens industry cluster in China. As the first pillar industry of Xiantao, Xiantao is striving to build a nonwoven industrial cluster, which has relative advantages in industry, platform, talents, opening up and business environment. However, it needs the strong support of industry associations and scientific research institutions. It hopes to further deepen cooperation, strengthen docking, strive to build industrial innovation base, demonstration base and training base, and promote industrial base To achieve high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, we should build a modern industrial system.

                  Vice President huangyunping said: Wuhan Textile University is a provincial university with distinctive industry characteristics. It is the responsibility and obligation to serve the development of Xiantao nonwovens industry. It will further give full play to its own advantages, concentrate on intellectual resources, accurately meet the demand of Xiantao, and provide support for upgrading the industry of Xiantao nonwovens.

                  President Li Lingshen, combining with the new trends and new situation of the world and China's nonwovens industry, analyzes the opportunities and challenges of the development of the nonwovens industry in Xiantao City, and puts forward specific suggestions: to consolidate the industrial foundation and promote the advanced industrial foundation; to promote the industrial upgrading, especially to build independent brand, focusing on the strategy of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brand "three products"; We should promote technological innovation, strengthen cooperation with research institutions, enhance self-reliance, self-improvement and innovation capability, promote the upgrading of business format, and strive to transform green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. We should promote the construction of world-class nonwoven industrial clusters and special towns around the world of clustering, world, advanced and sustainability.

                  Yan Qifang, Li Shaoyun, Tian Xiaoqin, Zhu Huiling, Zhang Tiqiang and other leaders of Xiantao City attended the forum.