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                  Wear a mask for fear of "white leakage", color series meltblown cloth is coming!

                  Column:Industry News Time:2021-03-19 Source: 中國產業用紡織品行業協會 Browsing volume: 1088

                  Sinopec announced on the 17 day that its Yizheng chemical fiber produced the first high efficiency, low resistance and non-ferrous metal series of high quality melted spray cloth, which will provide domestic masks manufacturing enterprises and export masks to the EU region which generally wear colored masks. At the critical moment of COVID-19's turning point, the global epidemic situation will continue to improve.

                  Sinopec introduces that medical masks are usually white or sky blue, but European consumption habits generally like to wear various colored masks; for example, white fusible cloth is used as the intermediate layer, and it is easy to show defects such as "white leakage". Sinopec Yizheng Chemical fiber actively carried out key issues optimization, solved the technical problems of production of non-ferrous melt jet cloth by adjusting the formula and optimizing technology, and met the consumer habits of European and other consumers on colored masks.

                  It is reported that the fusible jet cloth is known as the "heart" of the mask, which is used for the middle filter layer of the mask, and is the core raw material of mask production. The melt jet cloth produced by Yizheng Chemical fiber has good filtration, barrier, heat preservation and adsorption. Since the second half of 2020, while fully guaranteeing domestic supply, Yizheng Chemical fiber has actively opened up international market, and its products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

                  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Sinopec has actively converted production to increase production and supply medical materials and raw materials. It has launched 16 melted spray production lines in Yanshan petrochemical and Yizheng chemical fiber urgently, and has built 76 tons of production lines from scratch to build the world's largest production base of 10000 tons of melt spraying cloth, with an annual output exceeding 13 thousand and 500 tons. Since its production, it has produced 4764 tons of high-quality melt jet cloth, which has helped to increase the production of nearly 5 billion medical flat masks.